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You know why to choose RAILTECC. However, what you don't know is why the others fail. Here is a list of common reasons why the others can't outperform RAILTECC.

  • Many of the other Railings do not use powder coated paint.  This causes eventual peeling.
  • Other rails do not have continuous 22' top railing lengths.  Individual lengths of 6-9' are weak.
  • Posts on some other systems may use screw on bases that are weak.  These eventually fail in time.
  • Some systems do not contain a water drainage hole at the bottom of the Posts. This is important to have because if water is trapped inside, it could freeze and crack the post during the winter.
  • Wood Railings are cheap and last up to one and a half years when it needs to be re-painted. RAILTECC Railings are maintenance-free and provide elegance for your home.

Remember, when choosing an Aluminum Railing System, check it out first! 

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