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RAILTECC can be used for many different applications, not just decks! It can be used on many more things than just decks.  Below are some pictures that give examples of these different uses.

If you wish, simply click on each thumbnail for a 100 % view.  

stairs.jpg (40039 bytes) Here is an example of how RAILTECC railing is used on this lengthy run of stairs.
hottub.jpg (32687 bytes) RAILTECC goes perfect on this hot tub deck overlooking the water in the background.
parking.jpg (26176 bytes) An interesting application used here.  RAILTECC is used in a parking barrier to provide ultimate safety.
blue.jpg (105412 bytes) Here is a RAILTECC job with custom selections.  A blue colour is chosen to match the fascia boards and trims of the house's exterior.  Bronze Reflective Glass (6mm) really enhances this deck's appearance.

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