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RAILTECC, a new and exciting line of railing designed for modern living. Built and installed to give you many years of care-free enjoyment. 

All RAILTECC systems have interchangeable components.  The railing may be all glass, all picket or a combination of the two.  RAILTECC Aluminum Railings are the strongest systems available in both their component glass and welded picket systems.  With seven standard colours and a wide variety of custom colours to choose from, RAILTECC can match any exterior. 

There are several different lines to choose from as outlined below. Photos of work RAILTECC railings previously installed by DLN Contracting can be viewed in the photo gallery.

Welded Picket System - 1500R & 1500S

  • Simple enough to install yourself!
  • Welded Picket Panels designed for superior strength.
  • Option of Bent (Basket) or Straight Pickets.
  • Option of square or round top rail.
  • 1 5/8" Posts added every 5-8 feet and on corners for strength.
  • Mounted to wall with special wall mounts.

Component Glass System - 2000R & 2000S

  • Interchangeable Picket or Glass setup.
  • Glass panels available any size up to 7 ft.
  • Option of clear, colour-tinted, or reflective glass.
  • Option of square or round top rail.
  • 1 5/8" Posts added every 5-8 feet and on corners for strength.
  • Mounted to wall with special Wall Mounts.
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Welded Picket System
(larger view)

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Component Glass System
(larger view)

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Top Rail Profile - 1500 & 2000 

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Top Rail Profile - 1500 & 2000 

Topless "Beach" Glass Rail

Now available are topless glass railings, for a much more elegant look than the conventional system with top railing. The system utilizes special "beach posts" to support 3/8" thick glass panels.

The 7 Standard Colours
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DLN Contracting offers RAILTECC throughout Northwestern British Columbia, including
Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert, Smithers, and other nearby areas.

For a free quote, contact us through one of the following methods: 

In the Terrace area, call (250) 635-5859  
Or reach us toll-free at 1-866-328-8585 

You can send us a fax at (250) 635-5855
OR send us an e-mail via

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