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The Vinyl Waterproofing System so versatile,
you'll do everything on it, except worry.

Thousands of people are enjoying the benefits of Duradek vinyl surfaces. Duradek comes to life on sundecks, swimming pools and hot tubs, boat houses, saunas, stairways -- any area that needs a skid resistant, weatherproof surface. A mildew resistant, non-slip solution for areas that are constantly wet. Common spills simply rinse off! All Duradek products are professionally installed by our trained applicators. Installation can be completed in one day and your new Duradek vinyl can be used immediately after installed.   

Since 1974, Duradek has become the leader in vinyl waterproofing on the market.  Duradek outperforms any other type of waterproofing for your deck or patio. Duradek Vinyl Membranes have provided North America with the premier sheet vinyl pedestrian traffic and waterproofing membrane. Duradek products have gained wide acceptance in the construction industry as the number one maintenance-free outdoor flooring. 

Duradek's most important feature is heat-welded seams. Both sheets are "melted" together at temperatures over 600 Celsius with a 3/4" overlap. The weld is a two-step process: first the overlapping region is welded and then the seam is "capped" to prevent the seam from being ripped apart by deck traffic or furniture movement.

Duradek is a proud member of Shell Busey's HouseSmart Referral Network.

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