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Waterproofing really can be such an ugly business!... Not anymore!  

Peeling, cracking or delaminating coatings (Urethanes, Epoxies, Acrylics); leaks, rotting wood, mildew and cracked, spalling concrete - these are all common problems with the old fashioned methods of waterproofing decks and balconies.

With Duradek's pre-engineered vinyl sheet membrane system, these all too familiar defects are really a thing of the past.  Below is a chart outlining common problems with other waterproofing products, and how Duradek is a solution to these problems.

Problems with Liquid Coatings Why It is a Problem How Duradek is Better
Usually require multiple applications. The surface cannot be used until curing is complete.
Alternate access must be provided.
Proper adhesion between coats can be affected by weather, time and traffic.
Duradek is a pre-manufactured sheet, installed process, in one step - ready for immediate use. It can even be walked on during the installation meaning fewer tenant disruptions & vacancies.
Require optimal conditions for best performance. Optimal conditions do not often exist. Temperature and humidity fluctuate hourly and daily. Duradek can be successfully installed in any weather conditions.
Coatings require extensive surface preparation, particularly over cracks. Time consuming, noisy, disruptive and expensive. Duradek is glued to almost any surface, even over cracks with minimal surface preparation.
Problems with Wood Why It is a Problem How Duradek is Better
Wood deteriorates when exposed to the elements. Wood splits, twists, warps, splinters, rots, shrinks and requires painting or staining regularly. Duradek requires no regular maintenance except cleaning.
Wood is slippery when wet. Safety hazard. Duradek can be purchased with varying degrees of non-slip surfaces.
Problems with Carpet Why It is a Problem How Duradek is Better
Carpet is not waterproof. Carpet must be put over a waterproof surface or it accelerates the deterioration of wood or concrete. Duradek is completely waterproof and attractive.
Carpet holds water and slows the drying. Surfaces which are continuously wet, will rot or deteriorate more quickly. Duradek dries quickly.
Carpet fibers deteriorate rapidly in the sun. Requires frequent replacement. Duradek has a long life expectancy and can in the sun. Be re-coated in the future.
Carpet can easily be installed over Duradek.

Remember, when choosing a vinyl waterproofing system, check it out first! 

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