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Duradek is such a versatile product, that it can be used for many different applications, not just decks! It can be used in bathrooms, boats, on roofs, and more.   Below are some pictures that give examples of these different uses. 

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Sundeck / Patio Here is an example of how a border can enhance the appearance of your sundeck.  Shown is Sandscape bordered by Sandstone.
An example of how Duradek's 60 mil Ultra Line can provide waterproofing as a roofing material in addition to a deck covering. Roof Deck
Stairs One way of protecting your stairs from the weather.  Duradek can be used to cover the entire stairway (as pictured), or can be used protect each tread individually for open stairways.
For those that are disabled, we have you covered! This diagram shows how Duradek is used on a ramps. ramp.jpg (31194 bytes)
Bench Finally an end to unprotected deck benches.  Use Duradek to waterproof your benches and match the covering on your deck at the same time!
When it comes to durability, you haven't seen anything like this.  Here, Duradek is used in a garage application. Garage
Boat Deck Ever consider the idea of waterproofing the deck on a boathouse?
As well, Duradek can be used around your swimming pool.  It's the perfect solution for waterproofing needs. Pool Deck

PLUS, Duradek can be applied not just to wood, but to any solid surface, including concrete.  Remember, no other product is more as versatile or as durable as Duradek!

Case History Example: Northwest Community College, Terrace BC

Ceramic tile floors in showers, sink and toilet areas were leaking into and through the ceilings below. The maintenance staff at the college had tried other methods of waterproofing the grout lines, but with no lasting success.

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